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Footprint Engineering partners with Velosit to provide engineering representative services to National Concrete Canada.

Velosit applies state-of-the-art technologies to develop products that will significantly reduce construction times and application times.  The VELOSIT Binder Formula is the “platform technology” used in its cementitious mortars, waterproofing and self-leveling products.  These products are easily mixed and applied, with good workability times, rapid strength development and no shrinkage.  In addition, minimal or no post-application curing is required due to outstanding chemical, mechanical and water-resisting properties.  Velosit also supplies polyurea-based protective coatings with physical and chemical-resistant properties.

Velosit products make construction faster, easier and less tedious.  Without compromising on quality, these products allow projects to be completed significantly faster.  Velosit Systems have been modified to avoid wait times between applications, which contributes to an uninterrupted and continuous workflow.

Areas of Application:

  • Renovation of civil engineering structures
  • Repair of sewage pipes and other pipelines
  • New Construction of structures in water
  • New Construction and renovation of water tanks
  • Leveling of concrete floors
  • New construction and rehabilitation of sewage treatment plants
  • Renovation of sewage manholes