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Patent Sale

Now Accepting Bids

Minimum bid 2 million USD (each patent) or 5.75 million USD (for all patents)

The right group can own these unique patents for 17 more years.

For additional information contact the inventor:
Martin Halliwell P Eng MBA
Call: 1-519-240-6334 | Email:


1) FeGeoWind
The ideal off-grid device includes Forgione Engineering 2.0 FeWind
2) FeBTUcell
We have worldwide interest and the USA FePatent is a game changer
3) FeH20Loc
On a large job, it pays you back for all FePatents.
The FeCsMEDA500 shotcrete is also a game changer. Any FePatents buyer will be supplied with this revolutionary mix. FePatent 12 passes in final testing 50 MPA 100 day, waterproof, Zero Crack.
See all details under for each patent below:

About FeBTUcell Patent

FeBTUCell Report R3 - COP Calculations, AnalysesMore About FeBTUcell

About FeGeowind (Patent Pending)

More About FeGeoWind

About FeH20Loc Patent

More About FeH20LocFeH20Loc Report

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a bid?

Bids are to be submitted via E-mail to Martin Halliwell.

Where do I find sale updates

This page shows the current leading bid.

How is payment handled?

Through David Reid at the Law Offices of Little, Mason, & Reid @ 284 Main St. S. Exeter, ON. 519-235-0670. This will be in Trust and the first payment will be 10% of the total price, non-refundable, with the remainder paid in one lump sum.

What is the minimum starting bid?

$5,750,000 USD for all patents

Who handles outside of the USA?

Canada has a great team in place: Feng Systems Inc. (FSI)
i. VP Engineering: Andriy Kumanovskyy P. Eng
ii. President: Martin Halliwell P. Eng MBA
iii. Matthew Janes

Winning Bid

The winning bidder will be notified by email and the sale will be announced on this page.

Key support engineers Andy Kumanovskyy, Matteo Forgione and Martin Halliwell are available for transition consulting ($250 USD per hour)

*We reserve the right to sell at min bid or lower before the deadline.