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It is clear that what is required is a less expensive, more environmentally friendly solution to shoring walls and managing an unknown or imprecise expected quantity of ground water in an environmentally sensitive manner. To solve this, Footprint Engineering has created the FeH2OLoc.

This system is a top-down shoring solution constructed with one-of-a-kind shotcrete feather joints ensuring no water will penetrate the wall. The drain board lowers loading, and enhances performance. In the rare case where there is excess flow behind the wall, this can be adjusted accordingly with a detailed curtain grouting feature. The system features 2 quilt-like shotcrete layers. These 5” layers sit between equally spaced steel piles in 5 MPa backfill. To construct, soil is excavated 4 to 6 feet in depth at a time so as to ensure no ground loss before the FeH2OLocTM is constructed. The unique shotcrete design ensures no cracking of the wall.


Key Savings Summary

Schedule (work days)
Concrete (m3)
Steel (kg)
Fuel (L)
CO2 (tons)
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