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Special Foundations Consulting

Consulting services focused on sustainable engineering of special foundations.


Rehabilicrete Systems

Best of Best Concrete Protection & Restoration Systems Restoration, Concrete Flooring & Waterproofing


Patent Licensing & Pricing

Single or group patent licenses for earth-honouring technologies

FSVE picks the ‘optimal system’ below grade to help owners reduce both cost & schedule

Footprint Engineering has developed FeGeoWind, an off-the-grid windmill that integrates our geothermal FeBTUcell. FeGeoWind is capable of generating 10 kW of power using a 30-foot tall structure.

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Testing FePatents in Real World Applications

At our farm in Clinton, Ontario we currently have several of our unique FePatents being tested and put into practice to demonstrate just how cutting-edge our green, and innovative technologies are.

Current FePatents that have been constructed and tested at our farm include the FeSolarCurb, Feng Solar Frame, and FeBTUCell, and we’re currently constructing a working FeGeoWind to test on site as well. As we implement more of our FePatents we’ll update this photo gallery so keep an eye out to keep up-to-date with what Footprint Engineering is doing.

Also pictured here is Footprint Engineering’s 1880s vintage Carlow Office, with its original charm and beauty intact.

Learn More About FePatents

Footprint Engineering Inc. is a sustainability focused civil engineering firm. Our purpose is to help owners pick Earth Honouring Systems. By doing so we lower your cost, schedule and carbon footprint.

Utilizing value engineering principles, we specialize in the design and implementation of low-carbon innovations. We aim to make a difference in the civil engineering and renewable energy sectors.

Led by industry visionary Martin Halliwell, our dedicated team and extensive Associate Partner network have over 1000 years of experience in the field.
Our client-first and innovative approach is helping us to quickly become a leader in the field.

Consulting Services

Utilizing value engineering principles, we aim to make a difference in the civil engineering and renewable energy sectors by helping our clients develop earth-honouring systems that always lower cost, schedule, and carbon footprint.

Concrete installation, restoration and waterproofing

Feng REHABILICRETETM Systems aim to extend the service life of existing structures and enhance the performance of new structures during the construction phase through the use of innovative engineering, niche products, and systems.


Licensing and Pricing

Footprint Engineering’s patents are available for licensing. Whether you require a single patent or want to license the entire group, see below for our options and pricing as well as the inclusions and exclusions.

Nano Colloidal Silica
Jamie Longo<
Phone: 386-547-6943

TXON GRP® fibre
David Lawn


We help owners pick Earth Honouring Systems

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