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Footprint Engineering Inc. (Feng) is a design engineering services company focused on driving sustainable design practices in foundations and rehabilitation engineering.

Footprint Engineering provides sustainable design in foundation engineering practice to reduce carbon footprint, lower project cost and reduce project execution time.

Footprint Engineering aims to be ranked as an employer of choice amongst engineers who care for the environment.

Footprint Engineering intends to mitigate climate change impacts through its engineering solutions.

Footprint Engineering aims to create a fair, honest and a caring work place culture where its employees can find alignment in values and create impactful engineering designs to benefit society.

Footprint Engineering embraces innovation in engineering to achieve optimized and resilient design.

Footprint Engineering Inc. (Feng) is founded with the principal objective to decarbonize the built environment with a special focus on foundations, rehabilitation, and geotechnical.

“Every man is guilty of the good he did not do.” -Voltaire



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