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Footprint Engineering Inc. (Feng) is a design engineering services company focused on driving sustainable design practices in foundations and rehabilitation engineering.


January 30, 2018

Footprint Engineering partners with Velosit

Footprint Engineering partners with Velosit to provide engineering representative services to National Concrete Canada. Velosit applies state-of-the-art technologies to develop products that will significantly reduce construction times and application times. …
January 30, 2018

Footprint Engineering partners with Spray-Lock

Footprint Engineering partners with Spray-Lock to provide technical engineering representation services in Canada. Spray-Lock Concrete Protection delivers the quickest and most cost-effective concrete protection solutions that adhere to the demands…


Footprint Engineering provides sustainable design in foundation engineering practice to reduce carbon footprint, lower project cost and reduce project execution time.

Footprint Engineering aims to be ranked as an employer of choice amongst engineers who care for the environment.

Footprint Engineering intends to mitigate climate change impacts through its engineering solutions.

Footprint Engineering aims to create a fair, honest and a caring work place culture where its employees can find alignment in values and create impactful engineering designs to benefit society.

Footprint Engineering espouses innovation in engineering to achieve optimized and resilient design.

Footprint Engineering Inc. (Feng) is founded with the principal objective to decarbonize the built environment with a special focus on foundations, rehabilitation, and geotechnical.


The FeBTUcell is a unique assembly that carries potable water and operates as a Geoexchange.

The FeBTUcell is a non-load bearing structural round steel section which is sealed to the surrounding ground and installed by the piling/drilling foundation Industry.  In certain situations, it can be used as a FeBTUpile which would be load bearing.

The FeBTUcell is delivered as a sealed round vessel by the foundation industry contractor and thus comes in 4 cell types: a Helical, a Micropile, a Driven Pile, and a Caisson Pre Drill pile.

Care to avoid air ensures no rust internally and pipe thickness provides many years of useful life even in corrosive soils.  Since the FeBTUcell efficiency is such that a high water table is ideal, the outside of this assembly is typically under water for most of its length. Maintenance access to review external conditions at the cell head is a matter of good designer detailing.

The FeBTUcell, by Footprint Engineering Inc. (Canada), typically operates as Geoexchange in both cooling (returning warm water) and heating (returning colder water) from a heat exchanger system installed within a heated building (as per standard Geoexchange systems completed by water well drillers).  A FeBTUcell program algorithm creates smart wells that turn on and off as well as vary flow rates (CFM) of the potable water in and out of the cell.

The FeBTUcell is highly conductive and is used, ideally, in areas of high water tables to increase Geoexchange efficiency, and also in its use as smart wells to avoid ground freezing and ground heating.

Typically when installed properly in 20 feet (6M) of water table, to a total depth of 60 feet (18M), the water volume will result in a COP of 5-15 under low friction/low flow 1.5 inch insulated piping. This will provide economical cost with high installation productivity rates, allowing for better project schedules and less need for mud drilling.

In high water table, a 60 ft. FeBTUcell installed by a foundation contractor can well outperform the COP of a 400 ft. deep Geoexchange over time.

Martin Halliwell, P. Eng.

Martin Halliwell

Martin Halliwell, P. Eng.


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