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Patent Licensing

Footprint Engineering’s patents are available for licensing. Whether you require a single patent or want to license the entire group, see below for our options and pricing as well as the inclusions and exclusions.

Inclusions & Exclusions

Included in the purchase of our patents is the right to use on individual projects, subject to their corresponding pricing and final approval from Footprint Engineering Inc.

Excluded in the individual patent purchase is on site quality assurance, project and implementation costs such as equipment, labour and materials as well we consulting services from Martin.

North American Patents

Patent Application #Date FiledStatusCase #5 Year License Pricing
Ground heat exchanger
USA3,121,34519-Jan-2021Expired328-8$25,000 USD
System and method for shoring support wall and water management system construction
328-6$25,000 + $2 per sqft. USD
Due at start of project, based on drawings.
FeHDPlank TM
Support structure and method of forming a support structure
USA17/697,44517-Mar-2021Pending328-10$25,000 USD
$45 per ft. Average plank cost
6", 9" & 12" FePlanks available
FeSpiral TM
Method and apparatus for repairing culverts and pipes
USA17/597,54020-Jul-2021Pending328-9$25,000 USD
5mm basaltic bar supplied by MEDA Design
FeHeligent TM
Pile wall system
USA17/237,54422-Apr-2021Pending328-11$25,000 + $2 per sqft. USD
Due at start of project, based on drawings.
FeSolarCurb TM
Frame with plenum for supporting a photovoltaic array
USA17/697,44519-Apr-2021Pending328-13$25,000 USD
Licensee is responsible for purchase of aluminum curb, duct heater, fan, labour etc.
Method and system for forming a permeable reactive barrier in the ground
USA3,117,01704-May-2021Granted328-14$25,000 +$2 per sqft. USD
Due at start of project, based on drawings.
System and Method for combining skin friction and end bearing using gravel base
$25,000 USD
+ $10,000 USD per project
Feng Solar Frame
Solar panel frame with plenum.
USA29/780,10123-Apr-2021Pending328-12$25,000 USD
Concrete composition. Mix design “Zero Crack” MEDA Slab
USA63/233,34516-Aug-2021Abandonded328-17$10,000 USD
Concrete composition. Mix design “Zero Crack” MEDA Wall
USA63/238,64130-Aug-2021Pending328-18$10,000 USD
FeGEOWindTM-----$25,000 USD
Ground Heat ExchangerUSA17/533,89423-Nov-2021Pending328-20$25,000 USD
Ground Heat And Wind TurbineUSA17/833,2146-Jun-2022Pending328-20$25,000 USD

Note: Patents with pending status are protected.

Print Patent Table

10 Patent Master License

5 Year License$150,000 USD
10 Year License – $250,000 USD
10 Year license Purchase reduces project any user fee 50%

Master licenses can be have up to 1 sub-license
Managed by Master License

FePatent inventor
Martin Halliwell P Eng
519-240-6334 for support thru and after licensing and  for sub-licensing from Footprint Engineering Inc.

All payments to be by certified cheque, made out to:
HC Properties Inc
37006 Blyth Road
Goderich , On
N7A 3Y2

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