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Footprint Engineering has developed a proprietary concrete mixture using innovative and available nano-materials that render it waterproof, incredibly strong, and capable of enduring at least 200 years of service. These novel properties are afforded due to our additions of Acti-gel, and colloidal silica, nano-graphene, and nano-titanium dioxide each of which contributes to increased strength and toughness. At the owners’ discretion, basaltic rebar, and basaltic mesh could be used in lieu of steel rebar and steel mesh to reduce project cost. Additionally, VelositTM WP 120 series to waterproof the final layers can be applied at a lower cost via spray application. Stronger and More Durable:The FeCS-MEDA-Slab-Concrete toughness is sufficiently high that lower cement percentages can be used as determined through proper testing during the project. Increased Strength and Durability:Percentages of the colloidal silica, graphene, and titanium can be adjusted against the weight of water to a maximum of 4%, with the Acti-gel percentage decreasing against the weight of water accordingly to no less than 8%. Additionally, water reducers and basaltic fibres can be included in the mix, with appropriate dosages, to further increase the strength and durability of the mix.

Active Minerals
Acti-Gel 208
Paul Fendley
Phone: 615-556-8407
Premier CPG
Jim Preskenis
Phone: 302-218-4987
Carbomex/Mosaic Commerce Nano Solutions
Colloidal Nano Graphene / Colloidal Nano TiO2
Gino Lucero
Phone: 514-996-8935
MEDA Engineering and Technical Services
Basaltic Fibres / Rope Bar
David Lawn
Phone: 519-944-7221
Nano Colloidal Silica
Jamie Longo Email: Phone: 386-547-6943