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Feng Special Foundations Consulting

Footprint Engineering Inc., incorporated in 2011 in the province of Ontario, is a sustainability-focused civil engineering firm that specializes in the design and implementation of low-carbon, innovative products and designs.

Utilizing value engineering principles, we aim to make a difference in the civil engineering and renewable energy sectors by helping our clients develop earth-honouring systems that always lower cost, schedule, and carbon footprint.

Martin Halliwell

Led by industry visionary Martin Halliwell, our dedicated team and extensive Associate Partner network have over 1000 years of experience in the field including our key contacts in the Deep Foundations Institute, the American Concrete Institute, and the American Shotcrete Association.

Fee Structure

Deposit: $1,250.00
Hourly Rate: $300.00

Deposit due upfront
Minimum project duration 4 hours

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Key Contacts



Special Foundations Consulting

Consulting services focused on sustainable engineering of special foundations.


Rehabilicrete Systems

Best of Best Concrete Protection & Restoration Systems Restoration, Concrete Flooring & Waterproofing


Patent Licensing & Pricing

Single or group patent licenses for earth-honouring technologies


We help owners pick Earth Honouring Systems

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