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Footprint Engineering partners with Spray-Lock to provide technical engineering representation services in Canada.

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection delivers the quickest and most cost-effective concrete protection solutions that adhere to the demands of today’s fast-track construction process.  Spray-Lock spray-applied concrete treatments penetrate concrete capillaries and pores to provide waterproofing and protection throughout the entire capillary and pore structure. This technology helps prevent embedded steel corrosion, increases abrasion resistance, and fills and closes the capillary structure for resistance to salt and chemical attack.

Spray-Lock is conscientious of their impact on people and the environment. They manufacture the greenest adhesives on the market and their unique spray-applied technology reduces their environmental impact.  SCP also contributes to infrastructure sustainability by providing a proven solution to infrastructure concrete issues. From highways, bridges and tunnels, to dams, airports and seaports, to culverts and wastewater treatment facilities – Spray-Lock Concrete Protection can assist in the repair and protection of both old and new concrete structures.