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Rory Bosma

Rory has been working in concrete construction, inspection, and testing for over 25 years.  During his time working on replacement structures for bridges and buildings that were built mere decades ago, he noticed that most concrete is accepted by strength testing, and little if any focus is put on long term durability.  He also noted that due to a variety of reasons most concrete does not benefit from optimum curing. He became a representative for a major colloidal silica concrete curing and protection company, and helped increase awareness of concrete sustainability and durability issues.  He became an AIA presenter of colloidal silica concrete waterproofing treatments and assisted in colloidal silica specification writing.  After this he started his own contracting and consulting company focused on concrete restoration and protection, focusing on concrete waterproofing, sealing, and polishing.  He lives with his wife and two boys in beautiful Washington state, USA and enjoys outdoor family camping, hiking, and mountain biking.