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Footprint Engineering Inc. is the Canadian Engineering Representative of all Spray-Lock Concrete Protection products. Spray-Lock Concrete Protection is a unique permanent sealer with over 30 years proven performance.

Why use Spray-Lock? Where can Spray-Lock be used?

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection (SCP) products work by penetrating into the capillaries and voids left in concrete as bleed water exits.  Once in the concrete, SCP products react with available alkalis to form Calcium Silicate Hydrate (C-S-H), the same reaction product provided by cement hydration that provides most of concrete’s desirable properties.  The reaction products formed fill capillaries and shut down liquid water transmission.  This action makes SCP products an effective waterproofing agent, even under hydrostatic pressure.  The action works in the other direction as well, holding in water that would normally evaporate at early ages.

SCP Products include:

  • SCP 327 / 327LP Time of Placement is designed to provide an excellent cure, waterproofs slabs, allows for access in one hour, works with all coating and membranes and greatly reduces shrinkage cracking and slab curling.
  • SCP 578 Existing Concrete Protection penetrates and protects existing concrete capillaries and pores to increase life and enhance resistance to chemical and environmental attack.
  • SCP 743 High Performance Concrete can be used as a remediation or time-of-placement curing for reinforced concrete structures. It penetrates concrete to reduce corrosion potential of reinforcing steel and also waterproofs and protects the matrix of fit-for-purpose concrete.


These treatments offer superior curing and surface protection for any new or existing concrete.

Reduce Cracking – Slow Degradation – Raise PH

Discover how Spray-lock Concrete Protection is the ultimate solution to permanently protect your concrete.  Contact 519-622-FENG (3364). We are here to solve your concrete problems. Systems advice available.


Footprint Engineering Inc.



Martin Halliwell, P.Eng.