Michael J. McLeod

ABS Concrete Systems Ltd.
McLeod Engineering
VE1, VE2

Mike is a professional Engineer with 35 years’ experience with a specialty in Construction Engineering Management.
Significant past projects involve assessments and project management in the areas of asphalt, water and wastewater systems, utility services, and concrete infrastructure. Mike has extensive expertise working with municipal governments. Over the past number of years, Mike led a successful diversification of the company into other specialty fields.

Projects Mike has been involved in

  • Contracting polished concrete work in 25 Walmart stores.
  • Installation of resinous floor coating systems in food service plants and other locations.
  • Introduction of ICF block construction for ABS in both residential and commercial buildings, Mike expanded the scope of company operations into Design Build services, project management, and as a General Contractor.
  • Mike continues to offer structural engineering assessments for ABS customers.
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